Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows


Let’s face it: marshmallows just aren’t very good. The flavor isn’t any more complex than powdered sugar, and the texture is unusual, but not super exciting. A plain marshmallow isn’t even worth 23 measly calories. But marshmallows can be doctored up. I love marshmallows toasted to a golden brown over a campfire, with crisp, delicate shells, and ooey gooey insides. They’re so good that they almost make up for being outside, in nature, with bugs and trees and stuff. And I don’t know who invented s’mores, but props. Chocolate, graham cracker, and melted marshmallow is really a combination from heaven.

I didn’t think a plain marshmallow could ever beat a toasted one, but my first “homemade” marshmallow from City Bakery proved me wrong. City Bakery sells the most heavenly, most ridiculously overpriced marshmallows in the world. They are incredibly light and fluffy, and not too sweet, but why buy them when you can make your own? If you have a candy thermometer (thank you, Aunt Karyn and Uncle Charlie!), and the patience to stand over the stove to keep an eye on the boiling sugar, homemade marshmallows are a piece of cake!

At the end of winter break I wanted to bake something special (and transportable) to bring back to school for my roommates, so I decided to make marshmallows. I made plain vanilla marshmallows so that I could do a fun take on s’mores: marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed graham crackers. (One recipe I saw suggested rolling the marshmallows in crushed peppermint, but since my first–and last–experience with mint flavored marshmallows, I can’t stand the combination. Something about the foamy texture and minty flavor of the marshmallow reminded me of brushing my teeth).

I used this recipe from the food network that got terrific reviews online, and it turned out really well for me. My sister and I decorated them with graham crackers and sliced almonds. Here are the results:


I dipped the marshmallows in a combination of milk chocolate candy melts and semi-sweet chocolate morsels. I avoided tempering the morsels by melting the candy melts in the microwave and then mixing in the morsels until they melted. When I needed to add more morsels to the mixture I just stuck the bowl of chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time.





We made the marshmallow in this last picture by dipping it before the morsels had completely melted. It came out a little streaky as a result, but I think it’s cute.


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