Lemonade Marshmallows

It is really freaking hard to photograph marshmallows. I’m no photographer, but if my life purpose is to make you all hungry, I’m going to need some really mouth-watering pictures. If any of you has the photography prowess to help me out, please! My pictures do not live up to my marshmallows. These lemonade marshmallows are so good that even mallowphobes will eat one and reach for another.
Even my brand-new, super exciting go-to guide for marshmallows, Marshmallows: Homemade Gourmet Treats by Eileen Talanian, is a little lacking in the photography department. There is an incredible picture of colorful layered marshmallows, which is also featured on Not So Humble Pie’s review, but overall the pictures are not top notch. Fortunately, the recipes are. Before I bought the book, I did my best to eke out as much as I could from Amazon’s “Look Inside!” function. I liked what I eked. The table of contents is breathtaking: Champagne Marshmallows, Chocolate-Ancho Chile Marshmallows, Sweet Potato Spice Marshmallows, Margarita Marshmallows, Honey Pear Marshmallows, and a whole assortment of recipes for marshmallow fluff, rice crispy treats, and other marshmallow-based desserts.
Talanian breaks down the marshmallow into the bloom, the base, and additional flavoring. Both the bloom (the gelatin part) and the base (the cooked sugar part) can be flavored as well. As I virtually flipped through the book, I realized that I could substitute just about any concentrated liquid for the water in the bloom to make flavored marshmallows. (With one caveat; don’t use liquids that contain fat because fat molecules cramp the sugar crystals’ style).
I stuck with Alton Brown’s recipe from the Food Network, since that has worked really well for me, but I used half a cup of lemon juice instead of half a cup of water in the bloom. I also added a heaping teaspoon of lemon zest to the base for extra lemony-ness. The lemonade flavor was fresh and strong, but not overpowering.
Marshmallows usually aren’t served as dessert at a dinner party, but these flavored marshmallows were the perfect combination of fun and elegant. Stacked up on a tiered dessert tray, Lemonade Marshmallows were a playful, unexpected addition to my family’s Passover Seder.

5 thoughts on “Lemonade Marshmallows

  1. >OMG! Noa – I LIVE on marshmallows during Pesach! Where were you? I love marshmallows and I adore lemon (lemon meringue pie is a favorite). Can I get a sample? I'm sure that I will be in heaven….

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