Money Club Cookies for Mom

My mom is cooler than your mom.

My mom thinks making dinner means delivery from Two Boots. Who’s complaining?

My mom was a bodybuilder in Japan. Beat that.

My mom tells the best stories and does the best imitations, even though her stories are embellished and her imitations all sound Italian.

My mom is super successful doing what she loves.

My mom couldn’t decide on a tattoo, so got a nose ring instead, until it got infected and she had to sit with her nose in a glass of salt water every night for fifteen minutes. Then she got rid of the nose ring.

My mom doesn’t nag, shout, or punish.

My mom is cooler than your mom.

My mom’s clothes are steal-worthy.

My mom doesn’t believe in the word “should.”

My mom can say anything—and I mean anything—tactfully.

My mom makes the best baguette with ricotta, arugula, walnuts, and dried cherries. Drizzled with honey.

My mom is confident, beautiful, fun, passionate, smart, and strong (quads of steel, I tell you).

My mom just started boxing classes.

My mom just started a money club.

It’s a money club for women who are sole or major contributors to their household incomes, to help them make wiser and more independent decisions about saving, spending, investing, and sharing money.

(This isn’t about learning to navigate the tax system or trade stocks. My mom is a firm believer in the four D’s of getting things DONE: do, delay, delete, designate, diminish, and destroy…I may have mixed that up a bit. Stuff like taxes can be designated. Expert tax people exist for a reason, and my mom has enough on her plate being an expert at what she does.)

And while these women are learning to make independent decisions about saving, spending, investing, and sharing, they need cookies.

Remember I was saying that experts exist for a reason? My mom makes me ricotta on baguette, and I make her cookies.

For the cookies, I used the exact same recipes that I used for these cookies I made for Jen’s birthday party. I made rectangular cookies (probably should have done some measuring first… the first money matter these women will have to work out is currency standardization).

For the flood layer of the cookies, I dyed the royal icing with “leaf green” AmeriColor gel food coloring and a drop of “lemon yellow.” I added a drop at a time so the color wouldn’t be too intense, keeping in mind that the color deepens as the icing hardens.

For the design, I dyed piping consistency icing darker green and came up with a dollar-inspired pattern featuring the female ideogram. I think they’re pretty cute.

I also learned that while I do have a fairly steady hand, it’s not that steady. Piping a perfect circle is tough.


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