Time Out New York Shortbread Cookies

On Wednesday night, I had a hot date…to an On Campus Recruiting (OCR) investment bank information session. Eric said he saw a bunch of other couples doing the same thing, so apparently the information session qua date night is already a thing. (And the whole time I thought we were trendsetters.)

It was my inaugural OCR event, and it was pretty darn cool (and not just because of my date). It was out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. I was the only one wearing an orange sweater with massive puff sleeves in a sea of black suits, but standing out never hurts. And how many college students have the chance to eat sushi and chat with a room full of investment bankers?

I know OCR is stressful (especially if you’re a Junior, which I’m not), but it’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity, so I’m going to smile, loosen my grip on my brand-new padfolio, and enjoy it. Because I’m so lucky. I’m lucky to have access to Penn’s incredible career services, and I’m lucky to live in New York, a city full to bursting with internship opportunities. I’m lucky that my parents bought me my first suit for interviews, and I’m lucky that my friends waited patiently as I compared jackets in five different shades of black.

Last summer, I was lucky to be an Advertising Intern at Time Out New York, one of my favorite magazines. The people I worked with in the sales department were not only welcoming and happy to educate me, but also enthusiastic consumers of my baked goods. Extra batch of coffee fudge? I stuck it in the office mini-fridge. Cherry Frangipane Tart? Sliced and served on top of a filing cabinet. It was so much fun to bake every day without worrying about how I’d fit it all in the freezer.

On my last day, I baked and decorated Time Out New York cookies as a thank-you to the sales team. I used a rectangular cookie to mimic the company’s logo, and incorporated the TONY colors—red, black, and white. The TONY logo has two fonts and wouldn’t fit on a cookie besides, so I decided to simplify and only include the initials. I chose to fill the background in red and used black sprinkles instead of black icing because it takes a lot of gel food coloring to get a true black. I piped “T O N Y” in white outline-consistency royal icing and coated the lettering with black sanding sugar before it dried.

(An alternative, which I used for Jen’s birthday cookies, is to print a page of the letters you want and cover it with waxed paper. Then pipe candy melts or royal icing onto the waxed paper, coat them with sanding sugar, peel off them off when they’ve hardened, and drop them onto wet icing. This method results in more uniform lettering, but I find it too time-consuming.)

It was easy to find a fun backdrop for photographing; I think the blocky lettering on the cookies looks great against the finer print of the TONY magazine.

I don’t have to tell you that internships are a great way to learn about a business from the inside and figure out if a career is the right fit for you. And, as it turns out, an internship also looks as great on a cookie as it does on a resume!


4 thoughts on “Time Out New York Shortbread Cookies

  1. My lucky day! Got to see your 2 latest blogs. I enjoy your delight in creating, photographing and detailing the events leading up to each masterpiece. Hopefully you get to sample them b/c you always seem to be have some lucky people in mind for your wonderful creations.

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